New visitor visa rules were introduced on 24 April 2015. In order to visit the UK, a person will require permission to do so. This permission will be granted either in the form of a visit visa, or leave to enter. Visit visas must be obtained before travelling to the UK whilst leave. To enter can be obtained at the port of entry. A visitor may enter and leave the UK on multiple occasions, provided the visit visa is still valid, and endorsed as a dual entry visa. If the visit visa is endorsed as a single entry, the visitor will only be allowed to enter the UK once. Whether a person would require a visit visa will depend on whether the person is regarded as a visa national, as well as the type of visit visa a person will need. BIC also sometimes advise clients, even though they are non-visa nationals, who have previously been denied a UK visa, or turned away at the UK Border Control, to rather be on the safe side and apply for a UK visitor visa, before travelling to the UK. Please speak to your BIC consultant for more advice in this regard. We also recommend that you enquire from your BIC consultant whether your country is regarded as a visa national country, in order to ensure that you have the correct documentation before travelling to the UK. South Africans must note that they are regarded as visa nationals, and need to apply for a visitor visa before travelling to the UK. There are four types of visitor visas to the UK, which are depended on the reason for the visit;

  • Standard Visit visa
  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Visit visa
  • Permitted Paid Engagements Visit visa
  • Transit Visa

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